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as a summary here is a page listing some of the artists, bands and record labels i signed and represented during my days as a self-employed band manager, a label manager working for deltra distribution, mo’s music machine and grapevine, and as an a & r manager for various music publishing ventures...

when time permits - i will update this page with additional artists, labels, and web links...

self employed - artist manager



wilf smarties (producer - wet wet wet, goodbye mr mckenzie)

gordon kerr (aka botany 5 - singer / songwriter)

deltra distribution - label manager

scott brown

finitribe (finiflex)

shoop recordings

suburban delay

mo’s music machine - label manager

finitribe (finiflex)

shoop recordings

qfx (epidemic)

club kinetic

omar santana (h2oh recordings)

dye witness



grapevine - artist & label development manager

c.s.m.f. records (talisman and hudson - housework - talismantra)

qfx (epidemic)

hardcore heaven

club kinetic

dancemania speed (toshiba emi - japan)

dj seduction (impact)


self employed - music publisher (joint venture - notting hill music)

steve duberry (songwriter)

23rd precinct


dj seduction

self employed - music publisher (joint venture - bucks music group)

rodger hughes (ultrasonic)

rosanne erskine (coco & the bean - witchman)



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